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Mom, Wife, Neighbor

Sumer attended public school K-12 and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2007 where she studied Advertising at one of the top advertising programs in the country.  While in Austin, Sumer took night classes to become a Realtor to earn money during college. She married her wonderful husband, Nick, in 2006.  Sumer was the Marketing Director at Shreveport Opera before welcoming her two beautiful children, Henry and Lucille, into the world. She enjoyed being able to spend those first precious years with them at home.  She started an in-home sewing Etsy business, HopScotch Stitches, while she was home with her children and continues to help with her parent's oil and gas companies, T-M Well Service and McDonald Resources. Sumer is currently the Development Coordinator at The Strand Theatre.

She proudly volunteers as the pianist at Church for the Highlands and loves volunteering to help families in need at Highland Center Ministries.  You can also find Sumer at AC Steere, her children's school, where she helps lead the running club or assisting a teacher in their classroom. Her hobbies include water skiing, gardening, sewing, playing the piano, and spending time with her husband, two children, and their dog, Banjo. Sumer loves her neighborhood and the people in it.  

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The Issues

Stop Giving Away Funding

Caddo Parish schools are losing vital funding through the Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP).  Through ITEP, businesses can apply for school tax exemptions.   Recent changes to the rules have given the school board input on whether or not these exemptions are granted. Teachers are buying supplies out of pocket.  Paraprofessionals are poorly paid.  Our schools are not in the financial state to justify giving these tax breaks. The School Board should not be granting school tax exemptions while parents and teachers are asked to plan, implement and pay for fundraisers to fill budget gaps for needed teaching supplies and tools. We need those corporations to support our children by investing in their education, just like you and I do as tax payers, so they are ready for employment in the future. 

Lifting Our Neighborhood Schools

Our neighborhood schools are the foundation of our community.  Sumer and her family take pride in attending the neighborhood school right down the street from their home.  Even if you don't currently have children and grandchildren in school, we should all want what's best for our neighborhood schools because their desirability directly affects our property values. District 8 has some great schools! We need to promote our schools more and let parents know what great extra curricular activities and courses they have to offer.  We do have some needs for improvement at some of our schools and we need to make sure these schools move towards a more safe and orderly environment so our parents feel comfortable sending their children there.  Let's make our schools be one of the top reasons someone buys a home in our community!

Giving Our Children the Best Start

Knowing the basics when entering Kindergarten is so important to the success of a student's academic career.  Caddo Parish does not offer universal Pre-K.  Neighboring parishes, like DeSoto, that offer universal Pre-K have seen remarkable results and increases in students that are ready for Kindergarten.  In the fall of 2014, 69% of students were kindergarten ready in DeSoto Parish. The state average for the same year was 56%. Caddo Parish was behind both with only 48% of students kindergarten ready.  We need to make Pre-K a priority for our students. It's time to consider the measures it would take to offer universal Pre-K for ALL children of Caddo Parish.

A Letter From Sumer

Hello, I'm Sumer Cooner and I want to serve on the Caddo Parish School Board District 8 for two main reasons; they are 8 and 5. I am the mom of two beautiful children, Henry and Lucille, currently at our precious neighborhood school a block and half from our home. I want nothing but the absolute best start in life for my babies, just like you want for yours.  Any decision that I would make as your School Board Member would be made, first and foremost, as a mom.  I think it's time to have a mom on the school board making decisions on behalf of the students of Caddo Parish as if they were making choices for their own children.  I can assure you, that is what I will do.  

I hope you will put your trust in me.  I am just a normal mom, wife and your neighbor.  You can find me at my children's school on a regular basis assisting with our school's running club or helping a teacher in their classroom. I just also happen to deeply care about the future of our traditional public schools and want to be the voice of our students and teachers on the school board. 

Please vote for me on November 6th.  Let's put our children first.  


Sumer Cooner 

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